Implementing a FingerTec® product? New staff needs training? FingerTec® is the single source solution for all of your time attendance and access control needs.

You can purchase phone training sessions in increments of 30 minutes as the most efficient way to learn how to maximize utility from your FingerTec® equipment.

Our expert trainers will guide you quickly and effectively through the many features of your FingerTec® product. Experienced and knowledgeable, they maximize your training time by concentrating on the areas in which you need the most guidance without wasting your training time and dollars with superfluous explanations.

You can purchase training time at any point in the life of your product. If you've hired a new staffer or recently promoted a manager, why not give them the efficiency of an expert training session with a FingerTec® trainer.

FingerTec®, with you at every stage as your single source time attendance and access control solutions provider.