Is fingerprinting technology harmful to your health?

There is no evidence to support that fingerprinting technology can impose a negative effect to your health. The methods of capturing fingerprint templates are safe, and non-intrusive to the users.

Does fingerprinting technology secure your privacy?

Yes, in fact it enhances your privacy by providing a combination of encryption and biometrics functionality. Fingerprinting technology works by YOU ARE YOU concept, thus requiring your presence in every transaction involving yourself. Not like token such as cards and keys, fingerprint cannot be duplicated, lend, or stolen.

Would I be able to log on with an injured finger?

As long as the epidermic layer (the outer layer) is not badly damaged, the wound will return to its original shape once the wound recovers. If otherwise, the left scar will be treated as unique characteristic of your finger.

Can fingerprint image be duplicated?

No. The fingerprint image is not stored using the graphic format, instead the minutiea is captured and calculated using the algorithm concept before the mathematical data is stored as uniquely yours. The fingerprint obtained from other source will not be recognized as life finger is needed for verification.

What is 1:1 (one-to-one) and 1:N (one-to-many) verification?

1:1 is verification with PIN where users need to key-in their PIN before placing their finger on the device. The device compares the call-up template with the live finger to verify. 1:N is identification without PIN which means that the device will search among the database to find the template which suits the live finger being presented.

Which is the most popular biometrics?

According to the biometric market research, the most popular biometrics is fingerprint. This is due to the fact that the methods of fingerprint verification is less intrusive, less complicated, the device is smaller, and users have more choices of fingers.

DNA is known as the most accurate form of biometrics, why is it not widely used for security?

It is true that DNA can produce the most accurate form of biometrics. Nevertheless, the source of DNA is easily acquired, making DNA the most unsafe type of biometrics for security.

Can a detached finger be used in FingerTec USA?

No! FingerTec only detects live finger, as the sensor detects the moisture and the temperature from a live finger for verification. Chopped or detached finger loses its heat and moist in a very short period of time, therefore cannot be used in FingerTec USA.

Which is the recommended finger to be used in FingerTec?

A user can use any of the ten fingers in FingerTec. Nevertheless, we recommend index and thumb as minutiae from these finger are easily captured as compared to the other fingers.

Why is it that I:N users be limited to certain number of users?

This is to avoid long verification time for users. For 1:N, the template is not call-up prior to the comparison with the live finger. The live finger will be compared to all the database until the matching template is found. Therefore, should the number of template increases, the searching time increases and this would lengthen the verification time.

What if FingerTec cannot verify my finger at all?

That is not a problem. FingerTec is designed to suit different level of user’s flexibility and requirements. If verification is a problem for you, we have already prepared other features such as ID pass through where you need to key in your ID only, or ID plus password, or we could lower the threshold settings.

In case of a power failure, what happen to FingerTec?

Don’t worry. FingerTec is equipped with back-up battery to prepare for any power failure case. Nevertheless, this back-up battery can last only for a few hours and steps need to be taken to ensure safety of your premises within these few hours should the power supply does not resume.

Can FingerTec integrate with other security systems?

Yes, as long as the other security system is using Wiegand 26-bits language. Therefore, FingerTec can be used as a complimentary system on top of being the main security system for a place.

Can I adjust the level of security using FingerTec?

Yes you can by adjusting security threshold, and multi-verification features. FingerTec offers security threshold from 0 (the lowest) to 10 (the highest), while multi-verification needs two templates for verification instead of one. For places requiring tighter security, you may increase the security threshold or using the multi-verification feature.

Where is the fingerprint templates stored if the registration done using FingerTec?

The registered templates are stored in the respective readers. Nevertheless, these templates can be downloaded and compiled in the central monitoring system using FingerTec Management System Software. The data also can be uploaded to other required readers when needed to avoid work duplication.

Can the registered fingerprint templates be easily deleted from FingerTec?

The fingerprint templates in FingerTec can only be deleted by Administrator and Enroller. If the template is removed from any one of FingerTec readers, the stored templates in the FingerTec Management System will not be deleted. To delete all templates, you need to delete it from the FMS.

Is FingerTec expensive as compared to the card system?

Not at all. FingerTec is a standalone unit which can also work in a network environment. Thus, it does not need the installation of a separate controller. FingerTec also does not cards or keys to operate and this lessen the hidden cost and maintenance of FingerTec. In the long run, FingerTec saves money in many ways.