IT Infrastructure Services

Managed IT Support

In today’s evolving & volatile economy in Doha, Qatar businesses must ensure they’re working with a dependable and responsive IT support company to keep their technology up and running at all times. Fortunately, Burhani specializes in providing proactive IT services and support for businesses in Doha, Qatar

Technology has increasingly become a critical aspect of running a business. Today, more than ever before, its crucial to ensure that your IT infrastructure is running 24×7 with minimal disruption or downtime.

Why Risk Costly IT Disruption and Downtime? A Professional IT Support Services Company in Doha like Iprotek will help keep your technology running at peak performance – so you can focus on running your business!

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Are you still manually copying over data to external hard drives as a ‘hit & miss’ backup?

As a business owner or an IT admin, you already have your plate full with strategic activities that will take your business to the next level. Do you need the added hassle of worrying about your data protection and backups?

At Burhani, we are experts in delivering business technology solutions that give you complete peace of mind.

We provide a range of business data protection solutions from Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Loss Prevention which result in a highly robust and secure IT infrastructure.

Additionally, our proactive Managed Support Services gives you the option of outsourcing all the daily IT work to a team of trusted professionals while you focus on your business expansion and growth.

Office IT Setup & Relocation

An office IT relocation requires a high level of planning and project management to ensure minimal disruption to your business

Ok, so you found that perfect office with the finest views of the sea and an enviable address.

Now comes the hard part : How do you ensure that this site is ready to accept your existing IT infrastructure and develop a relocation plan that can be executed without affecting your business?

At Burhani, our technical team has many years of experience in IT infrastructure installation and relocations. We have helped scores of clients make that all-important move with careful planning and surgical execution resulting in almost no loss in business productivity. Regardless of whether you wish to relocate just one server or the entire datacenter, our technical experts can provide a seamless relocation service and recommend on infrastructure upgrades and reconfigurations that may be necessary.

Office 365

Work from anywhere, anytime from any web-enabled device
Increase company efficiency and productivity = better service for your clients
Contact management at your fingertips
Real-time email syncing and shared calendars
Conduct virtual meetings across the globe or join a meeting from your phone – with the click of a button
Work offline on your laptop, connect to the cloud online or log in from one of your devices
Collaborate, edit and share documents with co-workers and clients
Worry-free, confidential, secure document sharing
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
Compatible with both PC and Mac – across all browsers
Pay-as-you-go pricing to fit any budget