TimeTec Visitor

VISITOR MANAGEMENT Manage your visitors and security on one platform.

Manage All Type of Visitor Scenarios.

Mobile Pre-registration or Walk-In Visitor?

We Cover Both.

Advanced Reporting and Security Control.

Multiply the Power of Visitor Management & Access Control.

TimeTec Access

ACCESS CONTROL High Security At Your Convenience.

1. Advanced & Flexible Access Control System.

2. Access Control & Security Management.

3. Access Analysis & Reports.

TimeTec Patrol

GUARD PATROLLING Keep the Guards Alert for A Safer Environment.

1. Improve Your Premises Security & Engagement.

2. Simplify Patrol Management.

3. Advanced Reporting & Patrolling Data.

TimeTec Surveillance

SURVEILLANCE Cloud Surveillance from the High Ground.

1. Comprehensive Setup & Connected Cameras.

2. Online Streaming & Playback.

3. Reports & Analytics.